Black & White Diamond Chain Bangle 14kt Quick View

Black & White Diamond Chain Bangle 14kt

Item Name: BRGBLKCB56  CTW: Approx. 4.1 cttw white dia; 3.1 cttw black dia Diamond Specs: VS-VVS Clarity F-H Clarity, Genuine Earth-Mined Natural Diamonds Jewelry...
₱385,000.00 ₱95,000.00
Pear Art Black Diamond Set 14kt Quick View

Pear Art Black Diamond Set 14kt

Item Name: BLK-RGB45BD34.8 | EBLCDI52.2  CTW: Approximately Ring 3.4 cttw dia 3cttw Black diamond ; Earrings 3.8cttw dia 6cttw black diamond  Diamond Specs: VS-VVS...
₱568,000.00 ₱218,000.00
Teardrop Black Diamond Ring Quick View

Teardrop Black Diamond Ring

Item Name: BGY-RMD18ART23  CTW: Approximately 1.8 cttw Diamond Specs: VVS- VS Clarity, F-H Color; Genuine Earth- Mined Natural Diamond Jewel Metal: 14kt White Gold Grams: Approximately 3.2 grams
₱235,000.00 ₱55,000.00
Diamantes Black & White Diamond Ring Quick View

Diamantes Black & White Diamond Ring

Item Name: RGB45BD34.8 Black Diamond Ring CTW: Approx. 2.4cttw dias / 3cts Black Diamond Diamond Specs: VVS-VS Clarity, F-H Color; Genuine Earth-Mined Natural Diamonds Jewel Metal: 14kt...
₱210,000.00 ₱102,000.00

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Every piece of LVNA diamond and gold is guaranteed 100% earth-mined with imported and machine-made settings that ensures the high quality of each piece. LVNA offers FREE safe, secured and insured shipping for all goods nationwide as well as a lifetime warranty for cleaning and polishing services.
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