This June, we are celebrating one of the most colorful and most brilliant communities in the Universe. A community that has championed acceptance, openness, and freedom. A community that fought for and has been continuing to fight for our rights to live our true selves as gay people, to be treated with love, respect and to be given equal rights as any other being on this planet. 🌍

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(Article Courtesy of CNN Philippines)


Association of Transgender People in the Philippines

The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines is created to address the concerns of men and women with transgender experience in the country including issues of the transgender community as a whole. It is composed of transmen and transwomen from all walks of life and other transgender organizations which aim for a better transgender environment. The transmen group is called TransMan Pilipinas (TMP) and the transwomen group is called Transwomen Guild of the Philippines (TGP). We also have other sub-groups in the provinces like Transgender Guild of Negros (Bacolod Chapter), Powerful Transwomen of Ilocos, ATP Caloocan Chapter, Fortaleza Sisters of Fairview, Betera's PowerHouse of Beauties, etc.


GALANG started out as a small group of lesbian friends who were either keenly observing or actively engaged in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activist communities in the Philippines. Regular and casual conversations eventually turned into meetings about what else the group could do to concretely advance LGBT rights. Because the Philippines is a developing country, we felt it was imperative for local activists to learn more about the relationship between sexuality and poverty in order to gain ground in advocating to and for the rights of sexual minorities


Bahaghari is a progressive and anti- imperialist national organization of Filipino lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBT).


We may have not yet seen the light at the end of the tunnel with the government laws that binds us as citizens, but a rainbow will always be a citizen of the world. And that gives us the right to live a wonderful, meaningful, peaceful and a colorful life. Brilliantly Gay, Brilliantly Happy. 🌈

Embrace Your Brilliance. Celebrate You.🌈


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