Discovering brilliance

“Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale.

As a child, I have always seen myself in a different light than how I think others perceive themselves. I’ve always been an outcast by choice and it felt fine. Rebellious & Ambitious - these are the adjectives that I have learned to describe myself when my eyes were opened to the realities of the world we live in and what society has been trying to mold us to the people we should become, there was always an urge in me to not conform. I knew since from the very beginning that I was born with a different calling - that the Universe brought light into my very being for a purpose bigger than what my very creation could ever accomplish - for so long it felt like a punishment - to carry the weight of the world on my back to the point that I got used to it.

Little did I know that those weren’t punishments, but the Universe’s way of training me to fulfill a mission I thought I could never do in this lifetime. I was wrong. I came to realize that all the pressures & struggles in our lives are shaping us to the person that we should become - that we are all diamonds in the rough - that there is brilliance inside of us waiting to reflect light to others who was like I am - struggling to find themselves in the shadows of this world - to serve our purpose for the humankind.

And so I have been shaping myself to become a diamond, to be the most brilliant diamond that could ever shine. so that I could shed light to the paths of the people who are in the dark, but like a diamond in the rough - I have yet to see myself shine. If you can’t see the light. Then be light.

- Drake Dustin 10.08.1991