Our layaway plan is available for selected items only subject for approval of any of our sales executive.


Orders may be placed on layaway for a period of 3-15 months. Orders placed on layaway require a down payment at least 20-30% of the “Purchase Amount” and the remaining balance will be paid in installments within agreed layaway period with starting after 1month from placing of “Downpayment”

Customers have the option of paying the layaway balance in full at any time prior to the completion of the 3-15 months layaway period.


Purchase Amount

Period Downpayment
₱49,999 & Below 3-6mos 30%
₱50,000 - ₱249,999 3-9mos 30%

₱250,000 - ₱899,999

3-12mos 25%

₱900,000 - ₱1,500,000

3-15mos 20%



Our layaway plan is available for; A) In-store cash payments, B) Bank Transfers or Bank Deposits, C) Post-Dated Checks. If you wish to avail our layaway plan online via Debit or Credit Card payment, our team will be assisting you on the process.

Only banks deposits to the following accounts below with Account Name: Dustin Lester F. Ibay DBU Drake-Dustin Jewelry shall be honored

 Bank Name Account #
Union Bank
Security Bank 00000-2066-9256
Banco De Oro 007368013226
BPI 256-001-9745
GCASH 0977-003-7190

All cheques must ba named to “DRAKE-DUSTIN JEWELRY”

In the event that the customer fails to pay on the due date, an additional 1% per day will be added to the total amount due.

If you choose to use post-dated checks for your payment, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient funds in your account on the date the check is due. Please do advise our team if there will be a delay in payment to avoid bounced or returned checks.

Any bounced or returned cheque without prior notice shall be a reasonable ground for immediate termination of contract and forfeiture of any payments made. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The amount availed upon signing this layaway agreement will remain as is.


Any layaway balance not paid upon expiration of the layaway period will result in the cancellation of your order and forfeiture of your deposits, payments and related charges.

You will be given a maximum of 2 (two) weeks, after ANY due date, to settle your dues. If payment is still not made after the given time, we reserve the right to forfeit the purchase and consider the layaway plan as cancelled.

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS for layaway contract purchases.  


By signing, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined in the policy. It is important to carefully read and understand the policy before signing the agreement.

Proof of Payment