24kt Lucky Piyao Peridot Gemstone Bead Bracelet
24kt Lucky Piyao Peridot Gemstone Bead Bracelet
24kt Lucky Piyao Peridot Gemstone Bead Bracelet
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24kt Lucky Piyao Peridot Gemstone Bead Bracelet

₱38,000.00 ₱11,888.00 -68%
Item Cose: SPREDAB1.9 | BPRD1.9 Description: 24kt Piyao (Lucky Money Catcher Peridot Fortune Gemstone Beads) Sizes: Men’s & Women’s Jewelry Metal: 24kt Gold Gemstone Properties: Peridot is a protective stone for the aura, and in ancient times it was believed to ward off evil spirits. It is a powerful neutralizer and works to release toxins on all levels, both physically and from the subtle bodies. Peridot is a stone for new beginnings, and many of its qualities have to do with letting go of old patterns or behaviors that no longer serve you.  It teaches you to detach yourself from negative people and outside influences and look instead to your Higher Self for guidance. Once the negative vibrations have been cleared, Peridot assists you in moving forward once you have done the psychological work necessary to ensure that you do not call anything back into your aura.  Peridot is said to alleviate feelings of jealousy, resentment, spite, and anger. It is a good stone for dealing with the effects of stress. It enhances confidence and teaches assertiveness rather than aggression.  Peridot shows you how to forgive yourself and facilitates looking back on your past with compassion and understanding. It shows us how to find the...
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